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Oct. 18th, 2015 | 08:55 pm
mood: anxiousanxious

I don't know how I stumbled accross this page. It's crazy how God leads you to things. I'm not even sure if people who I follow even post here still. lol. I'm even trying to see what's changed.

Anywho, I'm tripped out that I found this because 3 days ago a psychic told me I should journal. My first thought was, I'm too bust to sit down and right. So to be here right now, typing, well, journaling is crazy. I wasn't even looking to get back on here.

But looking through my old posts, literally 10 YEARS AGO has me in shock. I'm definetly NOT in the fashion anymore (I do HERBALIFE full time), I'm recently single as of last week, but I'm still in this weird transition periord of standing firmly in my greatness. I run around it, sometimes I know my power so much, I just get so lazy and don't strengthen it. But I''m tired of that girl. That girl that's always confused and unsure, I dislike her, she needs to toughen up and get her shit together *snaps*

I'm not sure if thats normal for a 27 year old, but 2016 has got to be different. I'm excited to see myself change through this next couple of months.

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