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hello november.

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Nov. 12th, 2015 | 04:20 pm
mood: thankfulthankful
music: drake-days in the east

The most reflectively honest I've been in a while. These past couple of years I've been ignoring God, I've been tryinf to take control over my life and obviously--nothing has happened. wHEN i realized that, I felt so low, so unGodly. But I shook it off, took the advice from my co-worker Tero and my brother Charles and prayed. Not that fake prayer, but that real prayer, where you cry and ask for forgiveness. I believe THAT is what I've been missing. Even though its become unknown, I'm willing to walk right in it and embrace it.

BTW, on Nov 9th my sister in law gave birth to my nephew! his name i Josiah! he gives me so much life! he is absoltely beautiful <3

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